Experience the power, artistry and exquisite beauty of the Utah Regional Ballet: truly a Utah treasure.

Utah Regional Ballet (URB) was established in 1980 by Founding Director Jacqueline P. College and has been a professional performing company in residency at Utah Valley University (UVU) in Orem, Utah since 1995. URB is proud to provide en environment for local artists to develop their ballet skills at a professional level and offer its audiences an eclectic range of ballets from historical to contemporary. It’s no doubt after more than three decades URB continues to impress!

One of goals of URB is to bring world-class ballet to Utah audiences as well as those nationally, and even abroad. Locally, URB performs in many professional venues including the Provo Covey Center for the Arts, The SCERA Theater, the Ragan Theater at UVU, and Jeanne Wagner Theatre in Salt Lake City. For audiences outside of the Wasatch Front, URB tours extensively nationally east coast and west coast including Utah, Idaho, California, Washington, and Pennsylvania and its international tours have included Europe and Asia. URB participates in national and international exhibitions and competitions receiving high acclaim. Critics and audiences agree, URB is an outstanding ballet company.

Investing in the future, URB strive to educate the Utah community on the value of dance as an art and gives opportunities for all ages to participate in this living art form through educational programs such as URBKids and The Storybook Series for Families.

Utah Regional Ballet Company 2011-2012

Front (left to right):  Kaitlyn Potts, Rachelle Brooks, Tiffany Aldous, Kaelyn Magee, James Pfleger
Middle:  Alyssa Bishop, Ariel Wright, Samuel Fulk, Mary Weber, Corinne Wallentine
Back:  Robert Tyler Burkett, Bonnie Costa, Elisa Belnap, Eduardo Permuy, Jennifer Benham, Abigail Rasmussen

Utah Regional Ballet II 2011-2012

Front (left to right): Chloe Hebdon, Amy Christenson, Abigail Hunt, Tiffany Aldous, Mallory Moon, Shelbi Campbell
Middle: Elizabeth Adams, Alyssa Bishop, Eliza Lanham, Abigail Rasmussen, Kaylee Snow, Alexa Mendenhall
Back: Mackenzie Moon, Hannah Bender, Melissa Braithwaite, Lily Bridgewater, Kalinja Wright, Jocelyn Oaks